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Who is SSP LLC?

SSP LLC serves the ever-changing needs of the modern homeowner by providing a hybrid home warranty and on-demand service platform. We enable same or next-day service through our predictive matching technology, connecting homeowners with our nationwide network of highly vetted technicians in seconds.

SSP LLC’ tech-enabled platform connects local home repair technicians with the customers to build and grow a repair eco system. We are planning to setup direct connectivity with the equipment and spares vendors to provide even more beneficial and better services.

Onsite Support

We’ll be with you, through out your smart home journey, available via chat or email....

Personalized Setup

We help you find that sweet-spot, between what you need and what automation can offer.

We believe technology can transform and empower your home....

We believe that technology can transform a person’s day-to-day, making it safer, easier and better. And you shouldn’t have to be a tech-spert or DIY pro to enjoy all that Smart Homes have to offer. That’s why we take care of everything — so you can skip the hassle and start with the good part.....

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Smart Security

On-Site Computer Service

Wifi & Networking

Structured Wiring

Data Recovery & Backup

Lighting Control

We live
for this.

Our Smart Home Pros take pride in their work. They’re passionate about bringing a transformative experience to our customers. And to do that job right, it requires wearing a lot of hats. From advisor to installer to teacher and someone who’s going to listen to your needs — they’re all that and more.

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We Are a Team You Can Trust!

The latest appliances that everyone use nowadays are a necessity in every home. So once it breaks you do need to repair it immediately, or else your schedule may fall apart. We are so dependent on these machines and gadgets that life seems impossible without them, and you need them to work so that you will find more comfort at your home or office. SSP LLC is a service design that works with the motto” Quick Service Booking – Quick Service Delivery”. SSP LLC has a vast network of service technicians in multiple locations to deliver quick services. We are working hard to further enhance our reach and service levels. www.sspllc.co website is fully owned and managed by SSP LLC.

The SSP LLC offers repair and installation for various appliances right from the repair of the refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner to installation of the CCTV appliance, set-up of Wi-Fi at your home/office, computers and other home devices.

All electronic devices are prone to wear & tear, and you need to repair them immediately when faulty. When you think that the device which you need for everyday use is defective, and you find it difficult to even think how to get them repaired, reach out to us for the immediate repair of your phone, computer, washing machine, Alarm system, CCTV, data recovery, installations, etc. We take great pride in our service technicians who have successful track records in the past. We assure you that you won’t face any problems with devices once they are fixed by our reps. You can ask for our quick help without disturbing your busy schedule and can easily book a good repair, setup, or installation service. So do reach out to us if you want to experience a quick and hassle-free service.

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