Onsite service refund policy

Full refund:

A full refund is possible only in situations where customer has paid the fee in advance for onsite service and later cancels it 6 hours before the scheduled visit or if customer has not accepted onsite tech visit call the same day.

If requested full refund will be issued if the technician doesn’t show up as per the schedule, declines service, non availability of parts, weather etc.

Partial refund

We have a 15 days refund policy for onsite services only in situations where issue was not resolved after the tech visit.

If a problem that has been resolved returns during 15 days period, and the cause is determined to not be the fault of the user, we will send a technician back to your location. If we are not able to determine the problem or offer a resolution you will get partial refund, which will be 50% of the onsite service fee for the time spent working on the issue.

Any different issue arising within 15 days or later will not qualify for any refunds. However SSP LLC may try to resolve the problem for client.

Please note: Sometimes it can take longer than expected to resolve a problem to unavoidable circumstances. We expect client to allow us more time to finish. If customer requests stopping the onsite work in between due to any reason, SSP LLC may not issue full or partial refund depending on how much time we have spent.

Intimate support desk, if you are not satisfied with the support. We shall try our best to address the concern, however, if requested for refund, on cases to cases basis, we may issue full or partial refund depending upon the service and work done during prior incidents.


How can i get hold of the same technician next time to avoid explaining issues over and over?

It is very easy to reach the same technician next time. you can reach the technician via phone, email or our website contact form. We usually assign a technician for scenarios, where complex issues are found and devices which are used for business purposes or on customer request.

How much will it cost for an onsite service and what is the estimated time for service completion?

Onsite service quote starts from $79.99 depending upon your location and nature of work to be performed. Cost of parts will be additional from the onsite tech fee. In general, we are able to get the service done within 2 working days. However it can get delayed due to multiple reasons like parts availability, weather etc. Customer can ask for refund if the service gets delayed.

Will the information i share with staff and on website remain safe & secure?

Yes, every detail that you share is uploaded to our secure portal and is accessible only under specific privileges. We do not save any other information apart from your name, phone, email, and address, which helps us to create your account in our CRM. We follow strict data protection policy and take all measures to ensure adherence. We do not share any of your information with third party vendors without your permission. For onsite service, we only pass on basic information to onsite technicians to complete the service order. We do not ask for your personal information like social security, date of birth etc.

What if the problem comes back after the technician leaves?

Please contact us immediately & We will work with you to resolve the problem at no additional cost within 15 days from the service date.

Can i simply purchase the service online without contacting support team?

No, For onsite tech visit you need to contact us. It is recommended to contact us first so that we can determine the severity & scope of the issue and you will get the quote accordingly.

Will I be getting marketing emails or calls from SSP LLC once i subscribe?

We do not call or send email to our customers other than the service status. we also do not share or allow other third parties involved to interact with you without permission. Be rest assured,you will not get any spam or marketing calls/Emails.

  • SSP LLC is an independent computer/peripherals & electronics repair service provider . we are unaffiliated with any third party brand unless specified & We do not claim any association or ownership of such third party names , logos and trademarks. Names , logos and trademarks used on this site belong to their respective owners and are shown for reference purposes only. It is on demand onsite repairs service. If your product is under warranty from the manufacturer, the repair and support service may be available free from the respective company.